How well do you know Resident Evil?

Do you think YOU know Resident Evil? Maybe you do.. maybe you don't... test your true knowledge with this test. And at the end, there will be a link to some funny videos at my web site. You might be the first to see them!

The quiz is based off of almost every game and both Resident Evil movies. So, if you've seen some of the games, you might do pretty well! It also helps if you've seen the movies, too.

Created by: SilverDragonRE
  1. Which one of these was NOT a monster in the first Resident Evil?
  2. In Resident Evil 2, what was the first name of Ada's alleged boyfriend, who she was looking for?
  3. In Resident Evil 3, what was the first name of the fat man you see at the beginning of the game?
  4. In Resident Evil Code: Veronica, who did Claire plan on sending the warning for Chris to?
  5. In Resident Evil 4, how many times did Ashley get captured in the story-line? (not counting the reason why you're there in the first place)
  6. In the first Resident Evil movie, what was the name of the leader commando?
  7. In the second Resident Evil movie, what mistake did the film make on Carlos?
  8. Which character is first killed in the first Resident Evil's remake?
  9. In Resident Evil 4, what was the first name of Chief Mendez?
  10. Final Question: Which other game, besides Resident Evil 4, was Jack Krauser in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Resident Evil?