Resident Evil Trivia Knowledge

This quiz is about Resident Evil. It ranges from the movies to the games and back again. I wish I can say more but I cannot. Its just about RESIDENT EVIL GAMES AND MOVIES.. Its not that hard to know what the quiz is about. Good luck.. Hope the zombies don't eat you...

So you think you know all there is to know about RESIDENT EVIL, take this quiz and find out how good you really are. Are you some newbie who thinks they know it all, or are you some one who knows a little bit about RESIDENT EVIL, or are you some one who can back it up by answering all the questions right. Are you really a fan of RESIDENT EVIL or are you just talking garbage. Regardless of that, this quiz will put you to the test. Can you overcome these few questions and be ranked high or will you suffer a lower rank and be known as a newbie? What ever the outcome will depend on your answers. Take the quiz and find out how good you really are. I hope the zombies don't eat you first. Only the true fans of RE will be the ones getting far in this quiz.

Created by: Bruce Turner
  1. 1. Who was the original voice actor for Albert Wesker in the first game?
  2. Who did the voice talents for Albert Wesker in the remake version for the GameCube of resident evil?
  3. How old was Wesker when he made chief researcher at the Arklay mountain facility?
  4. What is the original name for Barry Burton's hand gun in both original and remake version of resident evil?
  5. How many people was Billy coen accused of murdering?
  6. What was the pass code to the red queen's chamber in the movie?
  7. Which actor/ actress from the first resident evil movie was born on that date?
  8. Up to Her debuting in Resident evil how many movies did Michele Rodriquez play in?
  9. How many times has brad Vickers died in the resident evil games?
  10. What was Chris Redfield's job in the air force before his dishonorable discharge?
  11. How many weeks did the cast and crew of resident evil have to go to military training?
  12. How many times was the licker seen in the movie? The first movie... Not the second one.
  13. How many months did Milla have to do the same stunt for? (This is the stunt where she runs across the wall and kicks the dog through the window?
  14. What female actress was supposed to play the role of Jill but didn't due to other commitments?
  15. How many minutes was the actor who played the nemesis able to wear his costume for, due to it being big and bulky not to mention hot?
  16. How many people was in the elevator in the first resident evil movie?
  17. After being asked how long the effects of the gas was, what is the ONLY word that One said?
  18. Which character in Resident Evil Extinction had a small psychic ability but was a normal human? Pay in mind he was one of Claire Redfield's people.
  19. What was the name of the radio station in Resident Evil Extinction they lady was calling for help from?
  20. How many Alice clones are laying in the ditch in Resident Evil Extinction?
  21. When the White Queen first tells Dr. Isaacs her report, she says she detected 2 kinds of waves, what are these waves?
  22. What did the white queen say about how fast Alice's powers were increasing?
  23. How long has K-Mart been with Claire Redfield's convoy? Hint: she tells you in the movie.
  24. Which of the Resident Evil Extinction cast did not want to die in the movie and make one more appearance in the upcoming RE Movie?
  25. Which hand does Alice cover her face with when she finds the dead body hanging in the store?
  26. When Alice, Claire, Mikey, Chase and Carlos discuss the journal Alice found, how long ago was it dated?
  27. Who said this line from Resident Evil Extinction "If the trucks could run on rust, we'd be looking pretty good" and who was it said to?
  28. What was a dying art by Otto's opinion?
  29. When Claire asked Chase to go up on the Eiffel tower, he said one word, what was that word?
  30. How much did L. J. Lose in Vegas? He told Chase in the movie.

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