True face of evil quiz

You think your a man of god? Or a son of satan? The lords works in mysterious ways, lets see where your place is. Slave in hell. Slave in heaven. A master in hell. A master in heaven.

Evil? Good? fair? Mean? Knowledge? Peace? Order? Chaos? Demons? angels? Do you know yourself? Do you know God? Do you know his ways? Or are you the true face of evil?

Created by: death templar

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  1. I wish to see the human race killed of for destroying our earth
  2. I would love to see the human race killed of
  3. Uniting all religions to one would be a good thing
  4. Change and developement are good things
  5. Who is more evil?
  6. I enjoy
  7. Death is
  8. Knowledge or peace?
  9. Justice or freedom for humanity?
  10. Mankind is a virus or divine?

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