My evil character quiz-Which cult do you belong to?

If you had enjoyed my 'Which evil character of mine are you?' quiz, you might enjoy a sort of part two. Would you be one of the five followers? Take this quiz and see who you'd end up following. If you haven't, well, see who you'd be. Enter the lesser evil chambers of my mind, but it may lead to the great evil. Enjoy, if you dare.

Do you serve my evil power? Are you a coward of the lesser organizations who back away and cower before your leader/master? Well, we shall see, won't we? Or, if you can't be head evil, are you truly evil enough to show you are loyal and that you are loyal, and shall do as commanded? Take this quiz, and let your evil innitiation begin!

Created by: Iceclaw
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  1. If a head evil offered you to join into his legion, you would say...
  2. What would you eat at a celebration feast after conquering your enemies?
  3. How loyal are you?
  4. You are facing death for betraying your leader. How do you plead?
  5. Your patrol runs into someone your leader wants captured, you:
  6. What would you rather be?
  7. Are you trusted to be apart of your leader's plans?
  8. Would you concider yourself evil, or just a recruit?
  9. Would you ever leave your leader?
  10. Would you ever go up against your leader for their power?

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Quiz topic: My evil character quiz-Which cult do I belong to?