How much do you know about ROCK!?

Look in my eyes, What do ya seeee? The cult of personality. The cult of personality. The cult of personality. 'Member dat? Living Colour, 1989. Good album, GREAT song.

It's time for a rock quiz. Are you a rock genius, or still playing scales? Careful when you answer, Slash may be watching you.... It's time to find out. Get ready to rock.

Created by: Ultimate_Awesomeness
  1. Which rocker re-defined what the guitar was capable of?
  2. Who's better (the choice is not opinion, it's fact)?
  3. Top hat.
  4. Who died of drugs?
  5. How old is Slash?
  6. What is Slash's real name?
  7. Vernon Ried is the guitarist for-.
  8. How many guitarists have G N' R had?
  9. Rush's drummer is awesome.
  10. What guitar is most widely known by guitarists and posers?
  11. Do you play an instrument?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about ROCK!?