Are you an evil genius

There are many smart people, but few are true geniuses. And none have yet been discovered as EVIL geniuses. This quiz will discover your true identity and tell you what to do with your life

Are YOU an evil genius?? Do you dream of taking over the world?? Why dont you take a few minuates out of your busy life and try this quiz, you may learn something about your self you never knew.

Created by: BOB

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like lamas?
  2. Are you called Esther??
  3. Are you called Hannah?
  4. Do you like cheese??
  5. Are your boobs tooo small??
  6. Do you ride on dustbins??
  7. Are you an evil genius?
  8. La?
  9. fish??
  10. Do you love emily?

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Quiz topic: Am I an evil genius