How Evil Are You?????

There Are People In This World Who Are Nice, People Who Are Naughty, People Who Don;t give A Damn About Authority, People Who Are Ansty, And Those Who Are Just Plain EVIL! But How Evil Are YOu???

But How Evil Are YOU??? Take This Quiz And Find Out If You Have what It Takjes To Be An Evil0- Mastermind (This is not a psychological test, it's based on stereotypes of evil people)

Created by: Katy Forrest

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  1. Do You Lie Awake At Night Plotting To Rule The World
  2. Do You Use YOur Friends/Relations To Do Your Dirty work?
  3. Do You Surround Yourself With Friends, So That There Is More People Between You And The Law?
  4. Do You Own A Cat?
  5. Is The Cat White and Fluffy?
  6. Do You/Did You Get On With Your Parents?
  7. Did You Experince A Loss In Childhood that you want to Avenge?
  8. Were You Picked On As A Small Child?
  9. Is There Anything That Can Stop You?
  10. Do You Care For The Daisies In The fields?

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Quiz topic: How Evil am I?????