How resident evil 4 are you

Have you ever played the game resident evil 4 if so you know where Im coming from your character gets chased by crazy people with gardening tools, there is feces on the dinner table and the water is brown

Find out if you are from resident evil 4. see if you chase people with gardening tools, stand on roof tops, burn people to stay warm, eat feces, and drink brown water

Created by: vee
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  1. do you attack people with gardening tools
  2. do you eat bird s**t
  3. is your bed covered in feces
  4. do you drink brown water
  5. is your only source of heat burning human beings
  6. do you kidnap the presidents daughter
  7. do you have a pueblo and if so do you stand on it
  8. Are you a gardener
  9. do you run around with a potatoe sack on your head
  10. Are you stupid

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