Resident evil Character

There are fans and their are people who just watch it as others are doing so if you want to find out try this quiz for a result. Find out what resident evil characters are like

find out which main character from resident evil you are? Find out if you are good or evil, take this quiz and find out how you would act if resident evil came true

Created by: Dave Russell
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  1. How would you kill a zombie?
  2. do u want to rule the world or save it?
  3. You have psychic abilities. Do you hide from the world or keep in sight?
  4. You have been bitten by a super zombie and its too later for a cure what do u do?
  5. You have to fight ur old love what do u do?
  6. u are taken by a corporation and they experiment on u what do u do?
  7. U r tricked by some evil survivors what shall u do?
  8. U r attacked by some zombie crows what do u do?
  9. super zombies attack ur convoy wha can u do?
  10. u enter a motel to search what do u do?

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