are u a pokemon master

being a pokemon master means that you are a genius at pokemon and a very good are polite and nice to your pokemon you are caring for others and like a good challenge youve gotten a lot of gym badges and made friends with heaps but yet there are still your enimyes there are still plenty more frineds to come

will you be the next pokemon master take this quiz and find out on "ARE YOU A POKEMON MASTER"its about learnig if you are a good enough pokemon fan and if ou know alot about them in this quiz it will all be unravelled to see if you are a POKEMON MASTER!

Created by: jeffrey moir
  1. what type is pikachu?
  2. what badge is misty
  3. what badge is blaine?
  4. what are the starter pokemon i kanto
  5. in pokemon emereald what prof gives you the starters?
  6. in pokemon silverwhat does your rival say his name was?
  7. in pokemon silver is it possoble to change ??? name?
  8. in pokemon fire red what is your rivals psycic pokemon called?
  9. in pokemon emerald if your a boywhat is your rivals name?
  10. in pokemon rd rescue team what is the pokemon called that warnes you about the shooting star?

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