Pokemon Quiz! Yea!

There are many Pokemon Trainers around, but only a few are Masters. What are Masters? Only the best of the best! They have Pokemon that have helped and battled through the toughtest times, and are true untill the end. They also have different battle styles.

Are YOU a Master? Do you think you are like Dawn, a beginner, or like Cythina, a Master? Before this quiz, you could only guess. Now, you will find out by answering these questions!

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  1. Who does Misty like?
  2. In Diamond and Pearl, Ash has 4 Pokemon. Who are they?
  3. What gender is Pikachu?(You should know by now!
  4. What is Dawn's mother's name?
  5. Was May a...
  6. Brock's Vulpix belonged to...
  7. The first Pokemon Ash caught was who?(not including Pikachu!)
  8. Who would Larvitar always freeze up around?
  9. How does Eevee evolve into Glacieon and Leafeon?
  10. What are Houndour and Houndoom's Pokemon Ability?
  11. What level does Pichu learn Volt Takle?
  12. Team #1:Sneasel and Weavile vs.and Team #2:Latios and Latias. Who would win?
  13. Houndoom and Amphros vs. Articuno and Moltres. Who would win?

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