are you a pokemon master?

Pokemon are very hard creatures to understand, and the world of pokemon is so mysterious that not many still know about it. even guys like me learn new things about pokemon everyday.

Now the question is... do YOU have what it takes to be a cutting edge pokemon master? Why not take this test to see if you got what it takes to beat the elite?

Created by: kino
  1. How many pokemon are there up to today?
  2. Which pokemon is normally owned by Nurse Joy?
  3. How many bikes has Pikachu fried?
  4. How many main reigons are there?
  5. Who has Ash NOT traveled with?
  6. Who is the first pokemon Ash cathched in the Orange island?
  7. Which town believe that Slopoke can create rain?
  8. What is Prof. Oak's middle name?
  9. Who is not a pokemon profesor among these guys?
  10. Who here is ot a rival?
  11. What place was Ash durring the Hoenn League?
  12. What is Jessie's Japanese name? You know, the one from team rocket...
  13. Ash traded with two trainers. Who was the second trainer?

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Quiz topic: Am I a pokemon master?