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You might have beaten the Pokemon League, but are you truly a Pokemon Master? Here's a combination of questions based on the competitive aspect of the main series games up until Generation VIII (8).

You will be quizzed on various moves, abilities, items, natures, type advantages, stats, and changes in battle mechanics. Only a true Pokemon Master will catch 'em all. Good luck!

Created by: Jerrox12
  1. A pokemon with the following ability will summons hail upon entry:
  2. Which is the only pokemon that can hold an item (other than a mega stone) while mega-evolved?
  3. Which generation introduced the physical/special split for moves?
  4. Which of the following moves does NOT recover the user's HP?
  5. What type combination does not currently exist (in any order)?
  6. Which Fire-type pokemon has the highest base Speed?
  7. If a pokemon is holding the item "Assault Vest":
  8. Which generation introduced special terrains (Grassy Terrain, Electric Terrain, etc.)?
  9. Which of the following abilities does NOT belong to Machamp?
  10. The "Naive" nature:
  11. Which Water-type has the highest base Sp. Def?
  12. The following berries have no effect during battle EXCEPT for:
  13. How many weaknesses would a Fire/Fairy Pokemon have?
  14. The move "Meteor Mash" has the following characteristics:
  15. In which generation did moves with a base power of 95 (Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, etc.) get reduced to a base power of 90?
  16. Which Pokemon does NOT get the ability "Synchronize"?
  17. Which Steel-type has the lowest base Defense?
  18. Which of the following is NOT a signature move of Zygarde?
  19. How many resistances (and immunities) would a Normal/Ghost Pokemon have?
  20. What non-legendary pokemon has the highest Base Stat Total?

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