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Well hello! Please know that there are 100's of animal forms out there. If you are honest you will get a response that fits you, if not, well I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Your animal form is not always your favorite animal. For example spirit guide and element play a role to. My animal forum is cat, but as my spirit guide is a wolf and my element is argument. I am my own unique cat. I have a friend who its a raven with a wolf spirit guide and a element of darkness. She's her own unique raven. What I am getting at is that no matter what there are many versions and degrees of each form not to mention so many other I can even name them.

What is your form. Are you a wolf? Strong of the mind and body. Are use a cat? Sleek and prideful. Are you a raven? Clever and witty. Or are you a deer, shy and elegant,? Find out now!

Created by: Spirit RavenWolf

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  1. Pick a body part. Focus on truth not want if you want a true answer and remember, there are 100's of animal forms out there, the four I have may not fit you perfectly. Or maybe if your not sure on a question you need to find out more of who you are for a answer. Good luck with the question!
  2. Pick a color texture.
  3. Pick a eye color
  4. Pick a food
  5. Pick a area
  6. Pick a response to the question "What is perfection"
  7. Pick a activity
  8. Pick a time period
  9. Pick a personality trait that suits you.
  10. How was this quiz? I will respond in the ( )'s

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Quiz topic: Find my true animal form