Daemon Personality Quiz-Which Animal Are You Like?

This quiz is based on the HDM book series by Philip Pullman and the theory of dæmonology. What is a dæmon? Basically your soul, manifested into an animal form that walks beside you. Of course there isn't a physical creature beside you, but it's nice to imagine, and a dæmon is a great comfort to you in times of confusion or distress. After all, it is a part of you! ;)

What kind of animal are you most like? By taking this quiz, this is your chance to find out! Please answer truthfully to get the full, correct results. Although I cannot add all the different species (tiger, hyena, etc.), I have put down the basic types of animals (cat, dog or wolf, etc.). Enjoy!

Created by: Kat + Azeria
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  1. When at a party, you would...
  2. If somebody hurt your friend's feelings, you would...
  3. Your family is going through a particularly hard time...what are you feeling?
  4. When you have free time, you like to...
  5. Do you like to go places with friends?
  6. If some friends were going skydiving, would you go with them?
  7. Do you consider yourself intelligent?
  8. What kind of friends do you have?
  9. If someone gave you a present, how would you thank them?
  10. Would going on an adventure be fun for you?
  11. Do you like pie?

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