Baseball Terminology Quiz 2

This being the second installment of our team quiz, we hope you enjoy it as much as the first. We enjoy making these quizzes for you just as much as you enjoy taking them I'm sure.

Hopefully you will know most of the terminology, but if not, I'm sure some of your teammates do, so don't hesitate to ask if you hear something and you do not understand what it means! Remember, anyone can take this quiz so tell your friends. Same as last time, feel free to ignore the first two personal questions. We did not add these, they were computer generated. Thanks.

Created by: webster
  1. What is a Can Of Corn?
  2. What does "Ducks on the Pond" refer to?
  3. When someone says "Blue", they are referring to _________.
  4. Define a Grand Slam:
  5. What is a roundtripper?
  6. What is a bullpen?
  7. What is a 'Texas Leaguer'?
  8. If you are batting clean-up, where in the order are you?
  9. A 'Twin Killing' is: ______________.
  10. What is a beanball?
  11. A 'twinbill' is: ______________.
  12. When someone refers the 'The Cycle' they are most likely talking about: __________________.
  13. A 'K' is: _________________.
  14. The Mendoza line is which of the following:
  15. The term 'Shag' refers to which of the following:
  16. When a player mentions the 'Slab', they are referring to the:

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