Easy Quiz Number Four

This is our fourth quiz of the year. It should be quite a bit easier than the last few. It will have both interesting terminology and some fun facts. Let us know if you like these quizes and what types of questions you like best so we can make quizes that you will enjoy.

I think you will all do better on this one than the ones in the past. It contains some easier questions that will get you thinking about baseball, and we'll slowly move into harder ones down the road.

Created by: Webster

  1. Which is the older league, also known as "The Senior Circuit?
  2. Have the Seattle Mariners ever payer in the World Series?
  3. In a little league game, how many batters would a pitcher face if he pitched a perfect game?
  4. Is a base-on-balls at bat considered an official at bat in the score book?
  5. What is it called when a baserunner is caught in a run-down between bases?
  6. On a force-out, do you need to tag the runner out?
  7. How many Major League Baseball mascots are birds?
  8. Where is Wrigley Field located?
  9. What does RBI stand for?
  10. How old is the song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame?

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