Are you Miley's biggest fan?

There are fans of Miley Cyrus. Then there are full out crazy number one fans who go to all of her concerts and own all her CD's and watch Hannah Montana constantly. But now it is time to recognize those true number one fans.

Are you a crazy number one miley cyrus fan? Do you own all her albums, posters, Hannah Montana Series, etc? Find out if you can call yourself a true number one Miley Cyrus fan. Well take this quiz and be recognized for the fan you are.

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  1. What date was Miley born on?
  2. Where in was Miley born
  3. What is Miley's mother's name?
  4. What is Miley's original name.
  5. What did Miley change her name to?
  6. What record label is Miley signed with?
  7. How many awards has she won so far?
  8. What is Miley's biggest splurge so far?
  9. What is Miley really bad at?
  10. What is one of Miley's biggest fears?
  11. When did she start riding horses?
  12. What is Miley's hidden talent?
  13. What are her favorite kinds of tic tacs?
  14. What is Miley's favorite kind of animal?

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Quiz topic: Am I Miley's biggest fan?