How well do you know Miley ?

Hey guys . How well do you know miley ? Take this quiz and you'll find out ! It has 12 questions . Most of them are easy but some of them are hard . =)

If you think this quiz is easy , try taking another miley quiz . it has even harder questions . Study your miley facts before you take the quiz so you'll have a perfect score . =)

Created by: Nia

  1. What is Miley's real name ?
  2. When was miley born ?
  3. What is miley's favorite sport ?
  4. What is Miley's favorite drink ?
  5. What is Miley's favorite food ?
  6. Who are Miley's best friends ?
  7. Is Miley left-handed ot right-handed ?
  8. What is Miley's favorite book ?
  9. What is Miley's quote ?
  10. What is Miley's favorite board game ?
  11. What are miley's favorite colors ?
  12. What is miley's moms name ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Miley ?