Are YOU an expert on Miley Cyrus?

There are many smart people, but are all smart about Miley Cyrus? NO! Miley experts are, without a doubt, incredibly cool! A Miley expert will pass this quiz with flying colors!

Are YOU a genius about Miley? Do you have the Miley knowledge to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder if you know enough about her. But now you can!

Created by: Harper Elizabeth
  1. What is Miley's full name?
  2. What is Miley's nickname?
  3. How old was Miley in the year of 1,000,000 dreams in Disney World Paris?
  4. How old will Miley be in 2009?
  5. Is Emily Osment Miley's best friend?
  6. What color shirt was Miley wearing in her cameo appearence in High School Musical Two?
  7. How old was Miley when she first tried out for Hannah Montana?
  8. How many songs does Miley do with her dad?
  9. When she was trying out for Hannah Montana, what set did she go to and who did she meet?
  10. What High School Musical star just moved in two doors down from Miley?

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Quiz topic: Am I an expert on Miley Cyrus?