How well do you know Miley?

This quiz is to see how well you know Miley Cyrus. People are always arguing that they are Miley's biggest and number one fan well if you think this then take this quiz and find out?

Are you a big Miley fan? Think you know everything about Miley then take this quiz? You will know straight after this quiz if you know everything about Miley Cyrus or if you need to do some research!

Created by: Tracy
  1. What is Miley's real name?
  2. How many bros and sis does Miley have?
  3. Who is Mileys singer/actor father?
  4. What is Miley's mom?
  5. Where was Miley born?
  6. When her birthday?
  7. What hit disney channel series does she star in with her real life dad?
  8. What her two fave colors?
  9. Name two of Miley BFF's? (clue: one celebrity and one not)
  10. What's her fave Disney show?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Miley?