How well do you know Miley Cyrus?

I just want to see who knows Miley Cyrus. And i know That most of you guys do, so i really tried to get hard questions. But i think you will get it anyway.

And So are YOU a close friend of Miley Cyrus with knowledge or not? You'll find out in just a few minutes to see if you know Miley or not. Good luck! and by the way, you can try as any times as you want for this quiz.

Created by: Eden
  1. Does Miley have a sister?
  2. Is the dad that plays Miley stewerts dad in Hannah Montana Miley cyrus's real dad?
  3. What is Miley Cyrus's real name?
  4. What Hannah Montana's newest song?
  5. Who is Miley Stewert's Best friend on Hannah Montana?
  6. Miley Cyrus has a new concert that is the Best of both worlds concert, what Band is she performing with?
  7. On What Movie does Miley Cyrus have a voice act?
  8. What is Hannah Montana's favorite song?
  9. How Many songs did Miley Cyrus write?
  10. Does Miley Cyrus have a web site?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Miley Cyrus?