Miley Cyrus 10101

The point of this quiz is to check people's memory or knowledge of Miley Cyrus' life. It is really fun!!! I really hope that you will take this quiz? I really want you yo learn things about Miley Cyrus, things you don't even know or already know. So I think you'll have fun!!

Are you good enough to ace this quiz? Are you? Let's see!! Take the quiz and find out. Think about the questions!! You never know what they are going to be!! I dare you to take the quiz and do very good so you can make a quiz also!! It is really fun! Now let's see if you're good enough? Go ahead. Try it.

Created by: Haley
  1. When is Miley's birthday?
  2. What year was Miley born in?
  3. What show does she star in?
  4. What is Miley's real name?
  5. What movie did she star in?
  6. Who are the main characters in Hannah Montana?
  7. What kind of music does Miley sing?
  8. How did Miley get her nickname "Smiley"?
  9. Who is Miley going out with?
  10. What did Miley do in High School Musical 2?

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