do you really know everything about miley cyrus?

Are you a true miley cyrus fan. why not try this quiz out. im sure you will do fine. there are hard questions and easy ones so im sure you will get it right. go on and give it ago

i see are you chicken. do you not want to see if you are the true miely cyrus fan well. fine. dont. your loss. it wont take long i know you have more important things to do. like. clean your bedroom. but this is more fun. you know you want to do this quiz! DO IT!! :) x

Created by: Faye
  1. lets start on an easy question. whats mileys full birth name?
  2. hard one now. ¬¬ what show is she on
  3. who are her siblings? (brothers and sisters)
  4. where was miley born?
  5. Trace Cyrus her brother. what band is he in?
  6. who is mileys idol?
  7. whats her nickname and why?
  8. when was her tv show hannah montana first shown on tv?
  9. who plays oliver oken in hannah montana
  10. HANNAHS favourite colour
  11. mileys favourite colour
  12. what was the name of the first ever hannah montana show?
  13. what movie has miely already been in?
  14. what is mileys offical website?
  15. who is mileys best friend?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know everything about miley cyrus?