how well do you know the breakout cd ?

how well do you think you know the breakout cd by miley cyrus ? its a great cd and i ber you'd like it. try to test your self and try again. it can actually be really fun.

do you know ALOT about the breakout cd ? take the quiz and find out. if not then try again later AFTER studying ! maybe you'll be surprised of how much of a story is behind the amazing cd.

Created by: cassy of unlimited too
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  1. how many songs does it have ?
  2. what inspired miley to make the breakout cd ?
  3. whats mileys personal favorite song on the cd ?
  4. when was it released ?
  5. what number solo album is it of hers ?
  6. which song on the cd did she sing with noah on the internet ?
  7. what number did it hit on the top 100 billboard ?
  8. what inspired miley to make bottom of the ocean ?
  9. what number is 7 things ?
  10. what year did 7 things release ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the breakout cd ?