Miley Cyrus Quiz

Many say they are fans of Miley Cyrus. Many say they love and adore her. Many say they know all about her. But now its time to find out the truth!!!!!

Are YOU a Miley Cyrus Genius? Do you know everything there is to know about her? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this brilliant quiz, in just a few minutes you could find out whether you have a Miley Cyrus Genius Brain! BEWARE some questions are rather tricky...

Created by: Erin

  1. When was She born?
  2. How much money did she make altogether in 2008?
  3. What mild condition did Miley undertake?
  4. In an interview with 'USA today' what did miley say is the main thing to her?
  5. What name does Miley want to get on a tattoo?
  6. When was the film 'the last song' released?
  7. In the movie Big Fish who did cyrus play?
  8. Now heres an easy one- what is mileys real name?
  9. What member of her family is in the band 'Metro Station' ?
  10. What side of her nose is mileys ring in?
  11. Who is mileys best friend from the following-
  12. What Are miley's Dogs Names?
  13. What is her favourite book?
  14. Who is she a publicised fan of?
  15. Which disney Channel star did she date for a year and a half then break up with?
  16. What is her favourite Kelly Clarkson album?
  17. What famous Celebrity is her godmother?
  18. Where is she from?
  19. Which one of these have been quoted by Miley?
  20. And lastly, which are her 4 favourite hobbies?

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