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n addition to releasing his second album Doggy Bag, in 2001 Lil' Bow Wow significantly increased his public exposure through guest performances on remix singles by Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson. The inevitable acting career was also launched that year, beginning with an appearance in an episode of Brandy's television series Moesha in February, and continuing with a role as a jailed hoodlum in the made-for-cable hip-hop version of Bizet's Carmen. Aside from his inclusion on the Destiny's Child's This Is The Remix collection (contributing to the track Jumpin', Jumpin'), Lil' Bow Wow's 2002 output remained centered around his acting, and it was during this time that he received his first starring role, portraying a juvenile NBA star with magic shoes in the kid's film Like Mike.

In 2003 the young rapper dropped the "Lil'" and released his third effort Unleashed simply as Bow Wow -- the name change and the album's content (for first time lacking the involvement producer Dupri) both attempting to portray a transition from teen star into a more mature performer. Another year was spent maintaining his acting career -- Johnson Family Vacation (2004), Roll Bounce (2005) -- before Dupri was once again enlisted to create the 2005 Bow Wow album Wanted and the top 10 singles Let Me Hold You and Like You.

Created by: Ashley
  1. What is Bow Wow's moms first name?
  2. Bow Wow was born in?
  3. When he was how old, he started his career in rap using the moniker "Kid Gangsta"?
  4. Bow Wow had previously dated R&B Singer Ciara for about around year and a half, and the two had a hit with the single Like You?
  5. how old is bow wow
  6. what is bow wows new hit single called
  7. what is the name of bow wows new cd
  8. Who do you see Bow Wow hanging out with the most?
  9. what is bow wows real name?
  10. What is Bow wow's stage name when he come on 106 and Park

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