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Justin Bieber has a little sister name Jazmin who is around a year old. He also has an older stepsister Abbie. They are step siblings and there are family reasons they do not wish to discuss. He has a younger brother named Jaxon Bieber who was born on November 20,2009

"¢Best Known As: Canadian YouTube star who sang "One Time" and "First Dance" Canadian teenager Justin Bieber became a pop chart sensation in late 2009, after building a solid fan base on YouTube with videos of himself singing covers of popular R&B songs. Bieber's career began with performances at a talent show in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. He posted videos his mom had taken in 2007, and over the next two years added to his archive while earning the love of internet fans. A record producer from Atlanta, Georgia noticed his videos, and in October of 2008 Bieber signed with Island Records and began working on his first album. My World was released in November of 2009, and Bieber already had four singles on the charts, thanks to advance releases. Mentored by pop star Usher.

Created by: nanii

  1. what is justins whole name?
  2. who is his best friend?
  3. If you could touch justin biebers lips would you
  4. what is justin biebers favorite movie?
  5. how old is justin bieber?
  6. which girl does he like the most on shake it up?
  7. what is justins mom name?
  8. who are justins brothers and sisters?
  9. why is justin famous?
  10. Is justin bieber doing crush week?

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