Total Drama World Tour Songs Quiz

Have you seen the show Total Drama World Tour? Well, here's your chance to prove that you love the SONGS. If you've seen every episode (except for the aftermaths) and pay attention to every song, this is the quiz for you!

This quiz will have one question about every song on the show, from "Come Fly With Us" to "Versus." Some questions are about the graphics, but most about the lyrics. Anyway, take this quiz now to see how much you know about the songs!

Created by: Someone
  1. COME FLY WITH US - What boy is the first to sing?
  2. LOVIN' TIME - Whose picture is sliding next to Izzy's as she sings "Just ignore us humans..."
  3. ROWIN' TIME - Who is in the back of the people rowing in the Amazon's boat?
  4. BEFORE WE DIE - What does Noah hope Chris is giving the Total Drama World Tour Cast?
  5. STUCK TO A POLE - When the reprise (She got stuck, should've ducked, worst of luck! Stuck, stuck to a pole.) begins, whose hand is first on the pole?
  6. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE - What color is Owen when he is singing his solo?
  7. EINE KLEINE - How many times does Lindsay sing "Tyler" in this part of her solo: "Oh _____________, back you came!"
  8. GYPSY RAP - Who is the third person to start singing?
  9. PARIS - What did Sierra say Cody did after he broke her heart?
  10. SEA SHANTY MIX - Who said Izzy was a nutbar?
  11. OH IZZY - When Owen is singing "I miss her smile and the way she liked to bite on my arm when there was trouble," what does Izzy bite on second?
  12. CHANGING GUARD MIX/STRIP THEM DOWN - Who is on the very left when Courtney ends the song?
  13. GREEK MIX/FIGHT FOR THE GOLD - When does Alejandro peek out behind a pillar?
  14. BOYFRIEND KISSER - What is Gwen doing when Heather and Courtney sing "That's right!" the third time?
  15. SHEAR THE SHEEP - What is the second Australia image shown at the beginning of the song?
  16. GWEN'S FACE - Who sings, "As long as it stays afloat!" at the beginning?
  17. BLAINERIFIC - Which does Blaineley not want about her latte?
  18. A CHINESE LESSON - Who was eliminated from the challenge second?
  19. WAKE UP - Whose hand is asleep?
  20. CONDOR - What does Cody want in his basket after he falls downs the rock?
  21. THIS IS HOW WE WILL END IT - What does Alejandro make Bridgette's marionette do?
  22. I'M GONNA MAKE IT - What does Heather throw at Alejandro?
  23. VERSUS - What color is the flowery background for most of the song?

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