Total Drama World Tour Quiz (Hard)

This is my third test, welcome to total drama world tour quiz short for TDWT, this is mode hard, theres 20 questions and please do it if your a fan of total drama world tour

Are you an epic expert at total drama world tour, this quiz will test your knowlage about Total drama world tour, if your not a fan or if you dont know what TDWT is, then just dont take, well you can still if you want :D

Created by: YellowStfu
  1. Who started most of the songs in TDWT
  2. What Did Cody say he wanted to be when he grows up in Before we die
  3. Which one of these people went above the pyramid in the first episode.
  4. Which Character showed any sign of blood.
  5. In Anything Yukon do, I can do better. What type of shoes did Tyler say he had.
  6. What did Noah call Alejandro
  7. What did izzy discover to do when she got really smart.
  8. Was Trent cool/okay with duncan and gwen dating.
  9. Who said this quote: "Crap, I thought you forgot about the singing challenge".
  10. In Greece Pieces, when Chris was going to announce where the Olympics is, Person 1 said Greece, Person 2 said Atlantis, and Person 3 said Mt. Olympics. Who was Person 1 that said Greece
  11. Which one of these lyrics were from Greek Mix.
  12. How many episodes showed ANY SIGN of snow or ice
  13. Which one of these characters sand a WHOLE SONG by them selfs
  14. In Rapa Phooey, what color was Sierras head dress.
  15. How long did it have to take everyone to get to Hanging rock in Austrilia.
  16. In Crazy Happy Fun time in japan, who caused Chef to slice the door open and make everyone fall out of the plane.
  17. When sierra writes her blog, she uses a _____ for a computer and uses a ____ for a mouse. Which is the correct fill int he blanks.
  18. What was the name of duncans band
  19. In the song "Boyfriend kisser" What was gwen doing when heather and courtney sand tahts right for the 3rd time
  20. Gwen Soon became referred as...

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