Total Drama World Tour Quiz (Medium)

This will test your knowledge about total drama world tour or TDWT. There are three modes and this is medium mode so not to hard but not to easy.:DDDD

Dont take this test if you dont know what total drama world tour is, well you can but u most likely will fail, who knows but please take its one of my frist quiz's.

Created by: YellowStfu
  1. Who sings second in Whats not to love.
  2. What is the first lyric in the song "we Build gwens face"
  3. How did Izzy get elimanted.
  4. Which episode had the merge start.
  5. What was the name of the fish DJ and Tyler had to kiss.
  6. Who were Alehandros helpers at the last episode
  7. Why was Courtney and Blainley voted off together
  8. Who was the 2nd Team member of Team Chris is really really really really hot to get captured by Jack the Ripper.
  9. Who saw Gwen and Duncan kiss.
  10. Which episode was chris fake bald
  11. Which of these animals did DJ not hurt.
  12. Whats Team Amazons Team color
  13. Which team had 6 members at one point of time
  14. What did Bridgette need in the song Stuck to a Pole
  15. Which person from Team Amazon has cursed in TDWT

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