Total Drama World Tour Quiz (Easy)

First season we had TDI and then TDA not total drama presents Total drama world tour. This is the TDWT quiz and this mode is easy so it shouldnt be that hard.

Good luck on this easy quiz, have fun, be a fan of TDWT, go crazy, this will test your knowledge about TDWT :DDD. My first quiz made so take it now foo.

Created by: YellowStfu
  1. Where was the casts first destination.
  2. Duncan cheated on Courtney with...
  3. Where was the place that Team Victory had their first win.
  4. Who was the last member of Team Victory.
  5. Which one of these contestants are a new comer that played in TDI but not TDA
  6. Who had the first kiss of the season
  7. Who came back in the "2nd chance challange"
  8. Which song was featured in Crazy Happy Fun Time in Japan.
  9. Who Didnt sing in "Wake Up"
  10. Which Player kept losing challenges on Purpose

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