How well do you know total drama island?

Sooooo, you really think you know everything about total drama island? we'll see about that. or you could just do this test for fun. Well we'll see.

Just take the test and see if you really know alot about total drama island. Hope you get em all right, really. cause then i'll know that this test i made is to easy!

Created by: Sara
  1. what was the 7th episode of total drama island?
  2. Who was voted off in Wawanakwa Gone Wild?
  3. How many episode are there of total drama island?
  4. TDI Rundown (episode 26) has a second name. What is it?
  5. Which 2 people returned to total drama island?
  6. Who got woted out on Dodgebrawl?
  7. In episode 3 The Big Sleep, who fell asleep first?
  8. In the name of the special episode how many "Drama"s where in it?
  9. In the alternate ending, who won total drama island? (the polish version)
  10. Is it true that there will be a 4th season
  11. Who is the first to jump off the cliff in Not So Happy Campers part 2?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know total drama island?