Do You Know Your Total Drama Island?

Do you know about Total Drama Island? Well you can find out with my "Do You Know Your Total Drama Island?" quiz be smart or don't be smart just take my quiz please.

When you take my quiz you will find out how much you know about your Total Drama Island and see what a STUDIER and STALKER you are by watching that show.

Created by: Lindsay
  1. In the episode "Who Can You Trust?" What did Lindsay call Trent by his wrong name?
  2. In the episode "Phobia Factor" what was Bridgette afraid of?
  3. In the episode "Up The Creek" who was eliminated?
  4. In the episode "No Pain No Game" what did Duncan have to do?
  5. In the episode "Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon" who did LeShawna get paired up with?
  6. In the episode "The Brunch Of Disgustingness" fill in this blank "Eat this pizza made of Jellyfish,crickets,and________
  7. In the episode "Basic Straining" who rung the bell first?
  8. In the episode "If You Cant Take The Heat" what did Geoff, DJ, and Duncan put in Harold's underwear?
  9. In the episode "Paintball Deer Hunter" who were the shooters on the Screaming Gophers?
  10. In the episode "Search And Do Not Destroy" how did Lindsay get her key?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Total Drama Island?