Which TDROTI character are you?

This quiz was just to see what TDROTI , Total Drama Revenge of the Island, character you most seemed like. Sadly, this website didn't allow me to do every contestant. Staci, Dakota, and Brick were left out.

Please do not be offended if your result isn't what you wanted. Feel free to comment what you got on this quiz. It is my first quiz, so thanks if you took it!

Created by: Ben
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You find a wallet on the floor, with 400 dollars in it! There is no ID, and no one seems to own it. You...
  2. You buy a new iPhone. What do you buy first on it?
  3. You go out to eat for dinner. Where do you go?
  4. Do you like this quiz?
  5. Favorite color?
  6. Favorite subject in school?
  7. What is your dream date?
  8. What are you known as around you school?
  9. If you had a YouTube account, what kind of videos would you post?
  10. What kind of days do you prefer?
  11. This is the last question!

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Quiz topic: Which TDROTI character am I?