Yes and No questions to Total Drama Island

So these are yes or no questions based off of Teletoons Total Drama Island. I think a couple of them are opinions so don't worry! I did this for fun and I don't know why.

After this quiz don't kill me if you get a bad score! Have fun with this! It was night time and I was supposed to be in bed, so thank me! Rate and comment afterwards. Enjoy!

Created by: Elli J
  1. Was Eva eliminated twice?
  2. Is Heather in Total Drama Island?
  3. Were Trent and Lindsay a couple?
  4. Does Courtney hate Duncan?
  5. Is Dawn a contestant?
  6. Is Noah a bookworm?
  7. Do you think Cody's cute?
  8. Is Izzy crazy?
  9. Is Chris the host?
  10. Last Question; Did you enjoy?

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