How well do you know Mike (total drama)

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Total drama revenge of the island introduced us to Mike. one of the most thought out and interesting characters to ever appear on the show. (and there are a LOT of characters)

In this quiz, you will learn how much you REALLY know about the spike haired Italian. (yes, he is confirmed to be Italian). If you get some wrong, don't worry, you can always take the test again

Created by: Willow
  1. What mental disorder does Mike suffer from?
  2. How can Mike activate Chester?
  3. How can Mike activate Svetlana?
  4. How can Mike activate Vito?
  5. How can Mike activate Manitoba?
  6. How can Mike activate Mal?
  7. Who is Mike's canon love interest? (I don't care what your ship is)
  8. What season does Mike first appear?
  9. What crime did Mike commit before he was on total drama?
  10. What is the name of Mike's mother?
  11. Who is Mike's LEAST favorite personality?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Mike (total drama)