The Total Drama Quiz

There are many Sierra's in this world are you one an ultimate total drama fan or are you a home-schooled hmm are you are you. Maybe i cant tell why you ask because this is not some live brod cast or something.

Are you a super fan are you a Sierra well now you can find out or are you Ezekiel hmm. do you have enough knollage to be a total drama super fan nope your a robot

Created by: calum

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  1. Total Drama Revenge of the island: In the second episode truth or laser shark who's real name was Beverly?
  2. Who pee'd their pants in season 1
  3. How many siblings does heather have?
  4. Who Pee'd their pants in season 4
  5. how many sisters does Gwen have?
  6. who ate as many pancake's as they could in season 1?
  7. Who was the first camper to ever ever ever get voted off?
  8. What happened in the alternate ending of celebrity manhunt?
  9. Who was hunting the campers down as jack the ripper?
  10. Who knew about mal in season 5 but then got beaten up by him?
  11. who won 1,000 Dollars in season 1?
  12. What was Ezekiel in season 3
  13. how many campers were in season 1?

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