Do You Know Total Drama Island?

Hi guys, I am back with another quiz for you and it is still on Total Drama Island. This time there are right and wrong answers! I'll make another one soon on a different topic. But I can't tell you!

Sorry if I didn't mention all of the characters, but I was on a time rush. I did this after school and I still need to do my chores! Anyhow, enjoy this quiz!!

Created by: Elli J
  1. Who is one of the people put on the Killer Bass?
  2. Who does Geoff develop a crush on?
  3. What episode does Noah get voted off?
  4. Who is Izzy running from?
  5. Who does Duncan hit on first?
  6. Who is Chris?
  7. Who votes Courtney off unfairly?
  8. What does Ezekiel do that gets him kicked off?
  9. What was Courtney going to do for the talent show contest?
  10. Does Trent play guitar?
  11. Who is one of the people from the Screaming Gophers?
  12. Who was the 20th person voted off?
  13. Who was the runner-up?
  14. Who…was…the…WINNER!!!?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Total Drama Island?