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There are many people who watch netflix. If you, if you, you watch TDRI, this quiz is for you. Don't play the quiz if you don't know nothing about this show.

Do you have the brain to outsmart my brawn. Simple questions like Who is eliminated in episode 5- Backstabbers Ahoy! ? Correct. Dawn is. For NOTHING! Gah, i hate you Scott. *sends fang out to eat him*

Created by: Jo
  1. Who is Mike?
  2. Dakota is now...
  3. Dawn is...
  4. Does Jo win the millon? Two correct answers
  5. Does Jo win the millon? Two correct answers
  6. Scott eliminated..
  7. Zoey turned into nice girl into..
  8. Lighting hates Cameron so much he says hes like a..
  9. Cameron wins the million in Canada VIA. Netflix/Itunes. Where does Lighting win
  10. Is Staci annoying?
  11. Is Brick funny?
  12. Anne Maria sprays tan on herself alot. Is this true?
  13. *BOUNUS!* Who do you like?
  14. "Let me guess, and your character Vito likes Anne Maria's hair"
  15. "The traitor in your midst is-"
  16. "Why do you keep chasing me? For your tooth? You have MILLONS!"
  17. *BOUNUS 2!* "Sorry red head. Vito only likes Classic Girls *burps*"
  18. "Is that stick really necessary?
  19. "To a boy in a bubble to a MILLION dollar winner? I can't believe this if this wasn't all on tape. Lighting, if your listening.. -blow raspberry-

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