Total Drama Series Quiz

There are people who know thir Total Drama and there's people who don't. Do you have what it take to get a perfect score, take this awesome quiz to find out

Do you know your Total Drama? Take this quiz to find out! It's from Total Drama Island to Total Drama Revenge of the Island. See if you know all of your Total Drama.

Created by: HugeSharkFan

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  1. Who is the host
  2. Chief ________
  3. Who is the big (fat) guy
  4. Who been in juvey
  5. Who is the athlete
  6. Who is the goth
  7. Who is the Total Drama fan
  8. Who is the know it all
  9. Who is the surfer girl
  10. Who's the party dude
  11. Who can read auras
  12. What does Mike has
  13. Who's the nerd
  14. Who's the crazy girl

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