Which Total Drama character are you most like?

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Total Drama is a TV series on CN (Cartoon Network), The host is Chris Mclean, there are 24 teens that were in the series, to name a few, Duncan, Izzy, and Trent

Which Total Drama character are you most like? Take the quiz and find out, there will be 12 questions, you are going to answer each question, so let's start!

Created by: Rebecca Irwin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are your interests?
  2. What is your favorite music genre?
  3. Where would you like to go on vacation?
  4. Do you like Total Drama?
  5. What movies do you like?
  6. What do hate most?
  7. Who do you hate most?
  8. Who is your #1 favorite Total Drama character?
  9. Do you like to read books?
  10. What is your favorite holiday?

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Quiz topic: Which Total Drama character am I most like?