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If you are interested in discussions on arcane topics like hero/god antagonism, host/guest relationships, therapons, Cyclops and sun-gods, check out Hour 25

In addition we have guest speakers, visiting scholars, lively discussions, work study groups, book groups, a group translating Antigone and one learning Homeric Greek.

Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. In Euripides play "Rhesus" the son of Tydeus, Diomedes and that loud-mouth Odysseus are confronted by the Trojan guards right before dawn. What is the password?
  2. Which Greek hero survived the Trojan War?
  3. Which Greek Hero returned home first after the war?
  4. Who was the Trojan spy slain by Diomedes?
  5. Diomedes and Glaucus families share a guest/host relationship started by their ancestors...
  6. Baucis and Philemon have a guest/host relationship with the...
  7. Which "host" during Odysseus return home ate his companions?
  8. Philoctetes, a stranger in a strange land, asked hospitality in whose boat?
  9. Who is Odysseus' herald?
  10. Which Athenian playwright wrote the comedy; "The Frogs"?

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