Odysseus and Eros

If Zeus' intermission during the Trojan war doesn't interest you, maybe the conception of Homer does. This is the stuff we study at Hour 25 sponsored by CHS

We are starting a new thread about the aromatic flowers that aided Hera's seduction and Homer's conception. The back story on Hyacinth and Crocus are pretty spicy too.

Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. His father was Laertes. One of his sons was named Telemachus. Who was this guy?
  2. Telemachus' family owned an old dog that shared a name with a hundred eyed giant slain by Hermes. What was this dog's name?
  3. The goddess Calypso's children by Odysseus were named what?
  4. Someone thinks she is a minor goddess (Heck, she does not even get to live on Mt. Olympus), and undeserving of gold, which is reserved for the sandals of Athena and the wings of Iris. All that being said, her epithet is "silver-footed" and she could alter the will of Zeus with a touch to his chin. Who is this goddess?
  5. What was the Oath of Tyndareus?
  6. Who coupled in the beautiful golden cloud atop Mt Ida?
  7. Aphrodite caught her son Eros cheating at dice with which handsome young Olympian cup-bearer?
  8. With whom was Poseidon feasting when Hermes freed Odysseus from Calypso's grasp?
  9. The Odysessy starts with what word?
  10. The mighty Aphrodite was the goddess of what?

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