The Cyclops in his own Cave

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These are topics currently under discussion at Hour 25, a community development project for Harvard, via the Center for Hellenic Studies. We have "heroized" texts, video interviews & lectures, chat rooms and conversation.

Created by: WilliamMoulton2 of Hour 25
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  1. What Greek hero ended up being "the Cyclops in his own cave" at the end of his epic?
  2. Why is the myth of Telphousa mentioned in the Homeric Hymn to Apollo?
  3. According to Gregory Nagy, who was "The Best of the Achaeans"
  4. Which disciple did Socrates on his deathbed touch gently on the head and ask if he would cut his hair?
  5. Euripides is...
  6. Every year in Athens they honored the god Dionysius with a big festival. Part of it was a prize for the best play. Who won the most prizes for first place?
  7. Monro's Law states that...
  8. The Indo-European Twin theory says that one twin will die and the other raise him up. Who raised up Castor?
  9. King Priam of Troy had how many sons?
  10. King Odysseus of Ithaca can be held accountable for the deaths of how many of his subjects?

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