Genealogy in Greek Myth

This is the first in a series of quizzes designed for Hour 25, a community development project sponsored by Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies. Most participants are graduates of The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours.

We hope this will be a source of amusement and commentary by Hour 25 community members. As stated elsewhere suggestions on topics will be appreciated.

Created by: WilliamMoulton2 of Hour 25
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  1. Who was the son of the Titan Crius (The Ram) and husband of the River Styx.
  2. Athena intended to make Tydeus immortal, but the gift fell to his son instead. Who was his son?
  3. The sons of which city were often snatched up by the gods because of their beauty?
  4. Who was the son of Medusa and brother of Pegasus?
  5. Who was the father of Pegasus and son of Cronus?
  6. Who was the daughter of the Titaness Leto and cousin of Hecate?
  7. Who had three bodies and was the uncle of Cereberus?
  8. Iapetus had four sons. One was condemned to hold up the Heavens. Who is that?
  9. Hyperion, the Titan of the sun had three children. Which was his sole son.
  10. The sea god Nereus fathered how many daughters?

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