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Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. Seemee Ali talked to us about approaching the golden cloud atop Mt. Ida in Iliad 14"² to get a peek at the great seduction scene between which two Olympian gods?
  2. Laura Slatkin discussed with us Iliad 5. 127–128, where Athena says to the son of Tydeus "Moreover, I have withdrawn the veil from your eyes, that you know gods and men apart." This Greek hero went on to bloody both Aphrodite and Ares on the plain before Troy. Who is this son of Tydeus and compatriot of Odysseus.
  3. Gregory Nagy wrote about Odyssey 24.43–46 "When we carried you to the ships, out of the zone of battle, we put you into a space for lying down, and we purified your beautiful skin with warm water and with oil. Many a tear, over you, the Danaans poured out, hot tears, and they cut their hair." Who is this man, the best of the Achaeans, for whom the Greeks cut their hair?
  4. Nagy also wrote about the two goddesses that are Hippolytus's divine antagonists. One cursed him for not worshipping her and the other coldly abandoned him because he was about to die. Who are they?
  5. In the Iliad who is gigantic Greek the hero that is second best in comparison with Achilles? Sadly he was also second best compared to Odysseus in the contest for Achilles' armor.
  6. Heracles brings Hades' hound Cereberus to earth. How many heads did it have?
  7. Thetis dipped her son Achilles into which stygian river to insure his invunerability?
  8. Peneloped dreamed of geese towards the end of the Odyssey. How many?
  9. Which of his daughters did Agamemnon sacrifice to Artemis to attain favorable winds for the Achaean fleet at Aulis?
  10. Palamedes went to Ithaca prior to the Trojan War. He reminded Odysseus of his obligations under the Oath of Tydareus. In order to feign madness, Odysseus was doing something odd. What was it?

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