Liquid Gods of the Louvre

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Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. When Apollo was pursuing the virgin daughter of the river Peneus, she begged for protection from Gaia, who received her, and changed her into a laurel tree. Apollo broke a branch from it and placed it on his head. Who was this naiad?
  2. Trim-ankled Nike, daughter of the dread river Styx was protrayed in a famous statue as the "Victory of Samothrace" What epithet does the statue have? Nike is always protrayed wearing a pair of these.
  3. After his mother pierced his ankles with the fatal clasps and abandoned him in the woods. Who rescued Oedipus?
  4. The Sirens were daughters of the River-god Achelous (son of Tethys) and the Muse Melpomene. One of the symbols of this muse of tragedy was...?
  5. What was the name of the son of Tydeus who defeated Ares, god of war, on the plains of Troy?
  6. Eos was the saffroned-robbed daughter of Hyperion, Titan of the Sun and sister to Helios who assumed their father's responsibilities after the Titanomachy. What was Eos realm of responsibility?
  7. Thetis, mother of Achilles and one of the fifty daughters of Nereus, is most famous for what epithet?
  8. This Olympian god of the sea carried a trident. He wed the Nereid Amphitrite. What is his name?
  9. One of the smithy-gods served as mid-wife for the birth of Zeus' eldest daughter . She sprang from his brow fully-grown and fully-armed. She is one of the few goddess protrayed wearing armor. What is her name?
  10. Aeneas carried what aged man from fallen Troy?

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