If You Were A DemiGod, What Power Would You Have?

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Demigods are said to live among us. They are half Human-half God and may possess the powers of their parent. Are you a Demigod and if so what power would you have?

This quiz is about the Greek Gods, if you want I can make another quiz like this but that of other Gods such as Egyptian Gods, Hindu Gods, and other Gods if requested, please let me know in the comments, enjoy!

Created by: Kish
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  1. Do you consider yourself as a Leader or a Follower?
  2. You are out-numbered in a fight and you have 2 options, fight or flee. What would you HONESTLY do?
  3. Are you a great swimmer?
  4. Quickly think of your favorite animal. Is it a sea creature?
  5. Do you have any practice or knowledge of a certain type of combat (eg, karate, martial arts, judo etc)
  6. Imagine you are a General of a large army that is now close to defeat. What is likely to be your orders?
  7. If you were to have a fight tomorrow what would you be doing today?
  8. Do you like playing any War Strategy games?
  9. Are you good at creating and making great poetry?
  10. Are you a good musician? (singing included)
  11. Are you good at creating and crafting items? (such as paper airplanes, minor wooden items, legos and even many other complicated items)
  12. Would you look at being an engineer as your type of job?
  13. Are you comfortable with the way you look?
  14. Do you believe in Magick? (The real deal)
  15. Is athletics your kind of thing?
  16. Do you have a dream of owning a large business enterprise one day?
  17. Do you believe in life after death?
  18. If you found out that you could be a big shot and successful by backstabbing a friend, would you do so? (answer honestly please)
  19. Do you like/love eating vegetables?
  20. Have you ever feared that you are going insane or would make someone go insane?

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