Demigod Days (SeaGirl)

READ THIS: If you haven't read my other series, 'My Journey As A Demigod'. You should if you want to read this series. This is about a bunch of short stories that are insider stuff about 'My Journey As A Demigod'. (i just realized I spelled gardening in one of the options xD)

This features, how Tammy got to camp, some entries of her journal, her views on some of the campers, and etc. Read on, if you want to find out how she got to camp :) btw, Part 10 of My Journey As A Demigod is out!

Created by: SeaGirl
  1. "Hey Tammy!" I closed my locker and turned towards Savanna. "Hey, sup?" I asked. Savanna was one of my few friends, I wasn't overly friends with everyone. Or, as the others would say- not so popular - Although, I wasn't sure why. I was a truly friendly person. But, I suppose the crowd didn't like my way of being anti-social and my kind of clothing style.
  2. Savanna brushed her brown hair away from her face. "Well, school's done for the year. It's summer.. What do you think?" she said happily. We both started to walk down the hallway. I was carrying my schoolbag stuffed with my old locker things. "I'm guessing you're pretty happy. C'mon, my dad's in the car waiting," I told her. We walked down the front steps of school, and towards a black SUV parked in front. "Right. Anyways, I think this summer's gonna be pretty good. Well, I hope." Savanna said as she opened the door. I'm still wondering what she meant by that. "Hey, dad." I said as I sat down. He gave us a smile. "Hey, you two. Are we all set?" We both nodded, he started the drive away. My dad didn't look anything like me. He had black hair that had turned a bit grey over the years, hazel eyes, and wore glasses. He was fairly tall, not the tallest though. He always told me that I looked like my mom. Even, if he didn't admit it, my dad still missed my mom. He kept talking about her, telling stories about how she always took me to plant beautiful flowers in the garden. "You look a whole lot like your mother, Tammy. She would've been really proud of you." he would say.
  3. I had light brown hair and green eyes. My hair went past my shoulders and it seemed naturally wavy. I had a few freckles hanging around on my cheeks. "Any plans this summer?" My dad asked as he pulled up to the driveway. We got out of the car and walked up the front porch steps. "Actually, Mr. O'Neill, we were thinking of going to summer camp this year." Savanna spoke up. My dad unlocked the door and we walked inside. "Oh.. Summer camp, I see." He said quietly. "Whoa, wait. When did WE decide this decision?" I asked. Savanna gave a reassuring look. Oddly enough, I didn't feel so great. "Um, Tam, can we go upstairs now?" I agreed quickly and we ran upstairs. "See ya, dad." I shouted down. He shouted his reply back and we went to my room. I closed the door behind me and looked at Savanna who was sitting on my bean-bag chair. "So, summer camp.." I muttered. She nodded in agreement. "Yeah, about that, I gotta tell you something you should know." She said slowly. I gave her a look. "What?" I said sitting down. Savanna took a deep breath and stood up. "Um, you have to promise you'll believe me. Whatever crazy thing, I say. Tammy, I know this seems totally stupid and make-belief but, it's not.. I.." She faltered. "Savanna, you okay?" I said nervously. I never seen her so worried and nervous in my life. "Promise!" she repeated more worried. I promised whatever she said wasn't crazy. "Tell me!" I demanded. Savanna pushed her hair back.
  4. "Tammy, you're a demigod. Half-god and half-human. I'm a satyr, which is half-half human and goat. The Greek myths are real. All of it, and I swear I'm not crazy." she said quickly. I widened my eyes and stood up. "ARE YOU CRAZY?!" I shouted. Savanna sighed in frustration. "I just told you, I'm not crazy! What? You want proof? FINE. Here's proof;" Savanna shimmered like a hollogram and well.. Showed up with the legs of a goat. "OH MY GOD! Get away from me, you clone freak!" I shouted. I grabbed my pillow and threw it at Savanna, or whatever that THING was. "Now, WHO'S the crazy one! Wait! Stop throwing pillows at me!" she shrieked. I heard a knock on my door. My dad came in and his expression was shocked. "What is going on here?!" He said. My dad raised his hand up and it got quiet. "Tammy, Savanna is not crazy." He told me. I shook my head. "Not you too!" I shouted. "Calm down.." My dad said, he turned to Savanna. "We need to get out of here, I'll drop you two off." Savanna nodded and grabbed my arm. She dragged me all the way outside and out in the car. My dad quickly put the car keys in and got to the highway, "Let go of me!" I said. Savanna loosened her grip and finally let go. "Fine, but don't go ninja on me," she said. I agreed and grabbed my backpack that I left in the car. I hugged it.
  5. Now, don't think that I'M the one who's going crazy, hugging my backpack and whatnot. If you were told all these things, how would you take it? We stopped in front of a forest. "THIS is camp?" I asked getting out of the car. Savanna followed. "Not exactly, we have to go into the forest. Don't worry there's a path.." She said. I turned back to my dad who was still sitting in the car. "You're not coming? After you JUST told me I'm not actually human. I'm the new E.T?!" I shrieked. He sighed in response.
  6. "You're not the new E.T. I can't go to camp. I'm just human. I won't get across the boundaries. You have to hurry before they catch you." My dad said nervously. Savanna tapped me on the shoulder. "Tammy, you won't be taken away from your dad. It's just for the summer, then you'll be back to New York again. Right now, we HAVE to go camp." She said. I looked at both Savanna and my dad. "Fine." I said. I sighed. "Well, see you after summer, dad." I said. He smiled at me. "Don't worry, Savanna will be with you the whole time." He explained. I nodded and started walking towards the forest. I looked back and waved to my dad who was starting to drive away. I looked ahead of me, and like Savanna said, there was a small dirt path. Although it was really faint. "This path is invisible to mortals, you'll learn about the Mist soon." Savanna said. She lead the way towards a gate. 'CAMP HALF-BLOOD' it said. I stopped in my tracks and found a tree stump. I sat down and looked at my hands. My backpack was there. Savanna turned around and saw me. She walked over and sat down next to me. "You know, demigods attract monsters when they're out of camp." She told me. I nodded, I didn't really care though. I found a book inside my backpack and opened it. Well, this was gonna be the first page in my Demigod Notebook.
  7. Savanna stood up and left me with my thoughts. I looked around me then looked at the gate. Once, I walk through those 'boundaries', there's a whole new world. I wonder what would happen. A half moose and half-frog flies around the camp? Angry gods blasting innocent people until extinction? I dunno, but honestly, I'm too frightened to know. It's kinda sad to say, that Savanna was my only friend now. Not that there's anything wrong with her. Even if I did call her a clone freak. I didn't really mean it, I was still shocked!
  8. It's just that, I'm alone now. If, I was half-god, do I have superhuman powers? And, WHAT god? I'm writing this entry now, in my journal. Remember, that I'm no longer 13 now, as I'm writing this. I'm taking up a huge sacrifice that could get me into a life and death situation. But, lemme tell you, it's always like this for demigods. Running from place to place, trying to find safety that's never there. If, I do somehow get the chance to meet you, and tell you all about my stories, I promise I will. Just for the fact that a real PERSON, is out there and it's not just a world filled with gods and demons. This is Tammy O'Neill, and this journal entry is finished.
  9. SEAGIRL: Hey, guys! If you didn't read the description above, please read it! It'll tell you more about this new series.,
  10. SEAGIRL: Yes, new series. So, please the read the description! Hope you liked this, peace!

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